The Five Best Cars of The Year

The car is one of the most sought-after vehicles by the public. So many car offerings with various specifications that will make people confused to determine which car is best. Don’t worry, this will be given an explanation you need. As a consideration to choose the best cars, not only seen in terms of specifications but also price. Therefore, it offers the good specs and has the competitive price.

1. Toyota Avanza
The Five Best Cars of The Year

This is the most owned car, especially by the people of Indonesia. This car can be said to be the most dominant and best-selling in Indonesia. Currently, Toyota has launched a new generation, such as the Grand New Avanza. The car is equipped with Dual VVT-i with a cylinder capacity of 1,329cc. The price of this car is about 190 million.

2. Toyota Agya
The Five Best Cars of The Year

This car is produced in Indonesia by Daihatsu. All Agya car types use 1KR 12 engine and reinforced with 12 DOHC valves, and 12 valves with the cylinder capacity of 998cc. Do not worry, this car engine capable of issuing maximum power that reaches 65.3 PS at 6000 rpm. The price of this car is about 110 million.

3. Honda Mobilio
The Five Best Cars of The Year

Honda Mobilio successfully seeks public attention. This car also became an idol in Indonesia, one of them because it provides cabin space that can accommodate seven people. In addition, this car has a good specification that can generate power to reach 118 PS with 6600 engine rotation. In addition, this car is also fuel-efficient because it uses PGM-FI technology. The price of this car is about 180 million.

4. Honda HR-V
The Five Best Cars of The Year

This car was raised again in 2014 as a mini SUV. This is one of Honda's legendary cars. This car got many awards to the sophistication of its technology. In the interior, there is one push ignition system, audio steering switch, and is supported by a water bag security system. In addition, this car also looks sporty. For the price, the car is also very competitive which is about 250 million.

5. Datsun Go +
The Five Best Cars of The Year

This car is specially designed, such as having the spacious cabin, modern design, and very comfortable. This car engine is also very good with a capacity of 1198cc making this car becomes very powerful. In addition, this car stores the Nissan V platform engine. The price of this car can be said to be cheap which is about 100 million.

This is an information about the best cars of the year. Many people believe that owning a car is a happiness. Therefore, hopefully, this information can give the best reference for you who want to buy a car and achieve happiness.

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The Five Best Cars of The Year
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