5 Outstanding Startups of Indonesia

At this time, if someone masters technology, then he has the potential to rule the world. In a business context, technology should be explored more to reach a large market share. One of the ways is by building Startup. In fact, with a good ability to take advantage of technology, many Startups of Indonesia can compete globally. The following will display the list of the outstanding Startups of Indonesia.

1. Tokopedia
5 Outstanding Startups of Indonesia

Although initially underestimated, but this online company managed to show progress. Tokopedia owner, William Tanuwijaya, is very diligent and persistent to develop this online business. Evidently, Tokopedia is able to become one of the companies that have a large market share.

2. Traveloka
5 Outstanding Startups of Indonesia

Indonesian people may be familiar to hear Traveloka especially people who often travel by plane, do the hotel reservation, and so forth. The company led by Ferry Unardi is not only able to control the market share in Indonesia alone but also able to reach the global market. Nothing wrong if this company becomes the pride of Indonesia in the eyes of the world.

3. iGrow
5 Outstanding Startups of Indonesia

This agriculture-based business application had earned many awards as the best StartUp at International levels, such as EuroAsia and Istanbul StartUp. The company founded by Muhaimin Iqbal allows everyone to farm even if they do not have land and knowledge about agriculture. This application aims to promote the agricultural sector and the welfare of Indonesian farmers.

4. Kurio
5 Outstanding Startups of Indonesia

Kurio is an application created by Indonesian developer, David Wayne. This app will make allow people to access the news via online. You can install this app in gadgets and you can enjoy news with different categories, such as sports, politics, social, economic, and so on.

5. eFishery
5 Outstanding Startups of Indonesia

Gibran Chuzaefan has succeeded in making fishery-based technology known as eFishery. This application is engaged in the business of the fishery sector. Using this application, allows pool owners to run a fishing business. The workings of this application are amazing. For example, this app is able to detect fish appetite, record their performance and report it directly. This app will help every owner to control.

This is the information about the five outstanding StartUps of Indonesia. From the above explanation, we can take the conclusion that if we are able to utilize technology, then we can get what we want. Believe me, there are still many stored or unexplored from technology. Explore it, so that we get the result.

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5 Outstanding Startups of Indonesia
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