5 Young People's Businesses That are Mostly Conducted in Japan

Japan is one of the strongest countries in Asia, even in the world. Therefore, many people want to come to Japan to study or just to find out something about Japan, one of them is about business. If you want to know what businesses are found in Japan, especially conducted by young people in Japan, this will be explained the five young people's businesses that are mostly conducted in Japan, as follows.

Young People's Businesses That are Mostly Conducted in Japan

1. Agriculture
One of the famous business is an agricultural business. Why? In Japan, the demand for food and agricultural products is enormous, such as fruits, vegetables, cheese, eggs, and so on. Moreover, Japan has a fertile agricultural land, of course, this will support for business in agriculture. In other words, the environment in Japan is very supportive for this business.

2. Information Technology
The next business is in the field of Information Technology. You should know that Japan is the second largest market in the world in the field of Information Technology. Young people who are qualified in technology, do not want to be consumers of foreign products only. Therefore, they also want to be a creator in the field of technology so that it can master the market in the country. By providing fresh ideas, innovations, and sophistication in technology, this business is believed to be growing rapidly.

3. Retail
There is a huge population to be reckoned, unlimited opportunities and a huge market, so retail business is the right choice for young people in Japan. In general, the way business works is like buying a product from a manufacturer, then selling it back to the consumer by taking a certain profit margin. This business has the potential to grow rapidly, not impossible will arise a new Alibaba.

4. The Restaurant
It is not unusual for many Japanese to pursue this business, including young people. Japan is known for its distinctive variety of foods, ie without cooking, like Sashimi. This is what makes its own attraction, especially for tourists to taste Japanese food. So, do not be surprised if young people in Japan wrestle this business.

5. The Language Course
Japan is famous for its people or its young learners. Therefore, young people in Japan see a business opportunity, one of them by opening a language school, such as English. Especially now that Japan is improving the quality of the workforce because of the demands of global competition, the skills in English must be owned by the workforce. In addition, the tourists who come to Japan also want to learn Japanese that is so unique.

These are the five young people's businesses that are mostly conducted in Japan. Although the business is actually also found in other countries, there must be differences in some respects. Hopefully, this information can inspire you who want to do business.

Your Holiday Will be Memorable If You’re Visiting These 6 Unique Tourist Destinations in Indonesia

No wonder when the holidays arrive, many people decide to take a vacation to treat their fatigue for work or daily routine activities. If you want to take a vacation in Indonesia, you can consider six of the unique tourist destinations in Indonesia.

1. Komodo Island
Unique Tourist Destinations in Indonesia

The first place that you have to visit is Komodo Island. Why is it unique? When you visit there, you will see Komodo, a giant lizard that can be found in Indonesia only. In other word, they will not be found in other countries. Not only Komodo, you also can feel the beach with the pink sand that is very beautiful in there.

2. Tsunami Museum
Unique Tourist Destinations in Indonesia

This museum is only found in Aceh. Why is this Museum unique? Yes, the Museum was built to commemorate the sad event especially for the people of Aceh that were hit by the Tsunami in 2004. The museum was created as a tribute to victims affected by the tsunami.

3. Malioboro
Unique Tourist Destinations in Indonesia

Malioboro is located in the city of Jogjakarta, and it is so classy and unique. Why is it unique? This place is called a place that will never sleep. That is, the more night, the more crowded this place is visited. Here you can find goods and culinary typical of Jogjakarta and much more that can be obtained.

4. Tanjung Puting
Unique Tourist Destinations in Indonesia

If you want to visit a unique tourist spot, then Tanjung Puting could be your consideration. Why? If you are touring for three days here, then you will be taken to the vast forest and river area. There you can see the orangutan and feed them in captivity.

5. Trunyan Funeral
Unique Tourist Destinations in Indonesia

If the four places above are not enough for you, you can try this Trunyan Funeral. This is a village in Bali. You can find Kuta or Seminyak, a creepy traditional cemetery. There, the dead are not buried in the ground, they are laid on the ground and covered only by white cloth and surrounded by wood.

6. Bogor Botanical Gardens
Unique Tourist Destinations in Indonesia

This tourist place is located in Bogor. This place is unique because you will find Amorphophallus titanum which is a rare flora protected by the Government of Indonesia. Only in this place, the carrion flower grows. In addition, this place is also used as a center of education, and observations related to plants.

These are six of the unique tourist destinations in Indonesia. Guaranteed, when you visit one of these destinations, your fatigue will be paid off. You will never regret.

Semalt Gives Instructions On How To Deal With Bad Reviews

Semalt Gives Instructions On How To Deal With Bad Reviews

Getting one or two bad reviews shouldn't spell doom for your business. However, how you handle it can make a big difference - do it carelessly, and it becomes a problem that doesn't go away. If you're running a big enterprise, then naturally you'd get quite a few bad reviews, and they won't hurt much but woe unto you if you have a small enterprise. It could tarnish your reputation.

With a dozen or so review websites allowing users to give their two cents, it's not surprising that some bad reviews find their way on Google's first page. In order to find out what has been said about your business on Yelp, TripAdvisor, FourSquare, and other review sites use Google Alert to get notifications on any mentions. Social Mention also keeps you in the loop regarding social media posts. It works like Google Alert.

Here are six helpful tips, given by Oliver King, the Semalt Customer Success Manager, on dealing with bad customer reviews.

Do not ignore the problem1. Do not ignore the problem
While a single bad review shouldn't be a cause for concern, if bad reviews keep in piling with no response from your side, this is a very bad practice. Prospective clients going through your profile can't help but wonder if you really have their interest at heart or if you're only after money. It's good if they can hear both sides of the story - that of the disgruntled customer and yours. Of course, there are exceptional cases you can ignore the review say like when one person keeps posting bad reviews or when it's obvious the person writing the review isn't in a good state of mind.

2. Offer a solution

A simple sorry can remedy the situation sometimes. All the same, you should actually do something to avoid a repeat of the same. This way you turn a potential crisis into a winning strategy. Eat humble pie and apologize. If the client is adamant, in such case try to find an individual approach to him or her. If your clients listen to you, offer a discount or give them a gift in good faith.

3. Learn from the experience

One of the most engaging and time-consuming tasks you face as a sole entrepreneur is market research. Lucky for you, customer reviews are a blessing in disguise. They do half the job for you. A good review indicates you're on track. A negative one points out to what needs tone improved. For instance, your shipment takes ages to reach the client then you should consider working with another shipping company.

Do not get into arguments.jpg4. Do not get into arguments

This is a mistake you can't afford to make. Getting into arguments does not fix the problem. Instead, it fuels the fire and gives a negative image to your brand.

5. Never buy good reviews

At face value, paying for good reviews may seem like a good idea. However, do not engage in such acts. How will the world react when they discover you were using underhand tactics? That would be the end of your business.

6. Familiarize yourself with the system

Get to know how Yelp, TripAdvisor and other review website work. They may offer a possibility to remove bad reviews if there is a good reason to do so. Handling bad reviews always puts you on the spot, but if you handle it like a pro, then your brand will continue to grow.

Get a different Sensation by Visiting These 6 Unique Tourist Destinations in Africa

Some people assume that the best and unique tourist destinations exist only in continental Europe, Asia, Australia only. Make no mistake, you can also visit the African continent to get a different sensation of your holiday activities. The following will be delivered 6 unique tourist destinations in Africa.

1. Luxor
Luxor Africa

If you are visiting Africa, one of the places you should not miss is Luxor. This place is located in Egypt, and it's a historic place. Luxor is an ancient city with an open museum, ruins of temples, cemeteries, and historical monuments. Not only that, you can also see a variety of interesting and unique attractions there.

2. Ulumo Rock
Ulumo Rock Africa

Ulomo Rock is one of so many places that you have to visit. This place is precisely located in Nigeria. This place is a witness to the history of the inter-tribal wars that occurred in the 19th century. Ulomo Rock is a big rock that became a shelter for local residents during the war.

3. Amboseli National Park
Amboseli National Park Africa

Another unique tourist destination is Amboseli National Park. Here you will find many elephants because this place is dominated by elephants. Therefore, this place is also called the elephant park. Not only that, you will also be rewarded with amazing natural scenery there, and will certainly make your heart become peaceful. This place is located in Kenya.

4. Kruger National Park
Kruger National Park Africa

This is a unique place in South Africa. You will see firsthand Padang Safana which is identical to live on the African continent. With a large area and many found wild animals, this may be a suitable place for you who like a challenge. Not only that, this place is also a tourist site that is often used for film making.

5. Red Sea
Red Sea Africa

Perhaps you are no stranger to the Red Sea. Yes, it is located in Egypt. This is a unique tourist destination, sea water that looks red when in fact blue. You can also dive and see the beauty of the sea floor where fish and sea plants will spoil your eyes.

6. Dades Valley
Dades Valley Africa

The last one that you have to visit is the Dades Valley. This place is located in Morocco. Here you will get a different sensation because there is a combination of a number of plants that have turned into white, and rocky hills that have its own charm.

These are the 6 unique tourist destinations in Africa. So, if you want to take a vacation and get a different holiday sensation, come to Africa. You will find things that will make you feel different. It is clear that Africa is a unique and different place.

5 Outstanding Startups of Indonesia

At this time, if someone masters technology, then he has the potential to rule the world. In a business context, technology should be explored more to reach a large market share. One of the ways is by building Startup. In fact, with a good ability to take advantage of technology, many Startups of Indonesia can compete globally. The following will display the list of the outstanding Startups of Indonesia.

1. Tokopedia
5 Outstanding Startups of Indonesia

Although initially underestimated, but this online company managed to show progress. Tokopedia owner, William Tanuwijaya, is very diligent and persistent to develop this online business. Evidently, Tokopedia is able to become one of the companies that have a large market share.

2. Traveloka
5 Outstanding Startups of Indonesia

Indonesian people may be familiar to hear Traveloka especially people who often travel by plane, do the hotel reservation, and so forth. The company led by Ferry Unardi is not only able to control the market share in Indonesia alone but also able to reach the global market. Nothing wrong if this company becomes the pride of Indonesia in the eyes of the world.

3. iGrow
5 Outstanding Startups of Indonesia

This agriculture-based business application had earned many awards as the best StartUp at International levels, such as EuroAsia and Istanbul StartUp. The company founded by Muhaimin Iqbal allows everyone to farm even if they do not have land and knowledge about agriculture. This application aims to promote the agricultural sector and the welfare of Indonesian farmers.

4. Kurio
5 Outstanding Startups of Indonesia

Kurio is an application created by Indonesian developer, David Wayne. This app will make allow people to access the news via online. You can install this app in gadgets and you can enjoy news with different categories, such as sports, politics, social, economic, and so on.

5. eFishery
5 Outstanding Startups of Indonesia

Gibran Chuzaefan has succeeded in making fishery-based technology known as eFishery. This application is engaged in the business of the fishery sector. Using this application, allows pool owners to run a fishing business. The workings of this application are amazing. For example, this app is able to detect fish appetite, record their performance and report it directly. This app will help every owner to control.

This is the information about the five outstanding StartUps of Indonesia. From the above explanation, we can take the conclusion that if we are able to utilize technology, then we can get what we want. Believe me, there are still many stored or unexplored from technology. Explore it, so that we get the result.

The Five Best Cars of The Year

The car is one of the most sought-after vehicles by the public. So many car offerings with various specifications that will make people confused to determine which car is best. Don’t worry, this will be given an explanation you need. As a consideration to choose the best cars, not only seen in terms of specifications but also price. Therefore, it offers the good specs and has the competitive price.

1. Toyota Avanza
The Five Best Cars of The Year

This is the most owned car, especially by the people of Indonesia. This car can be said to be the most dominant and best-selling in Indonesia. Currently, Toyota has launched a new generation, such as the Grand New Avanza. The car is equipped with Dual VVT-i with a cylinder capacity of 1,329cc. The price of this car is about 190 million.

2. Toyota Agya
The Five Best Cars of The Year

This car is produced in Indonesia by Daihatsu. All Agya car types use 1KR 12 engine and reinforced with 12 DOHC valves, and 12 valves with the cylinder capacity of 998cc. Do not worry, this car engine capable of issuing maximum power that reaches 65.3 PS at 6000 rpm. The price of this car is about 110 million.

3. Honda Mobilio
The Five Best Cars of The Year

Honda Mobilio successfully seeks public attention. This car also became an idol in Indonesia, one of them because it provides cabin space that can accommodate seven people. In addition, this car has a good specification that can generate power to reach 118 PS with 6600 engine rotation. In addition, this car is also fuel-efficient because it uses PGM-FI technology. The price of this car is about 180 million.

4. Honda HR-V
The Five Best Cars of The Year

This car was raised again in 2014 as a mini SUV. This is one of Honda's legendary cars. This car got many awards to the sophistication of its technology. In the interior, there is one push ignition system, audio steering switch, and is supported by a water bag security system. In addition, this car also looks sporty. For the price, the car is also very competitive which is about 250 million.

5. Datsun Go +
The Five Best Cars of The Year

This car is specially designed, such as having the spacious cabin, modern design, and very comfortable. This car engine is also very good with a capacity of 1198cc making this car becomes very powerful. In addition, this car stores the Nissan V platform engine. The price of this car can be said to be cheap which is about 100 million.

This is an information about the best cars of the year. Many people believe that owning a car is a happiness. Therefore, hopefully, this information can give the best reference for you who want to buy a car and achieve happiness.

The Four Tips on Choosing Apartments that Match the Climate and the Culture of the UAE

The Four Tips on Choosing Apartments that Match the Climate and the Culture of the UAE

For some people, the UAE is an interesting place to visit. If you also want to plan to go to UAE, whether in order to travel, work, or study, then you need a place to live, like the apartment. Do not be confused to choose the apartment because this will be explained about the four tips on choosing apartments that match the climate and the culture of the UAE.

1. Choose the Right Location
Choose the location of apartment that suits your needs. For example, when your apartment is in Dubai, it is certain that your environment is very liberal. Why? In Dubai, Emirati (native) is only 10%, while others are people from different countries. So, do not be surprised if this area included one that has the most diverse population in the world, or also called multicultural.

2. Consider How the Environmental Condition
In general, UAE has a tropical and dry climate for about eight months of the year. This is certainly very different from Indonesia where you can enjoy the sun throughout the year. If you want to be in a stable zone and tend to be safe, maybe you can choose an apartment located in Dubai. Not without reason, Dubai is safe from the tsunami disaster because the area has small waters. Dubai includes a desert area. However, if your apartment is located in Abu Dhabi, then you will feel the hot dry climate.

3. Pay Attention to the Regulations
Each apartment in the UAE has different regulations. There are free and there are tight. For example, there are apartments that have regulations that should not drink alcohol, should not wear open clothes, and so on. You should pay attention to the factor. Remember, you are a newcomer and should understand and appreciate how UAE cultures mostly wear closed clothing and niqabs. Obey the regulations. If you want a little free, maybe Dubai could be an option.

4. The Complete Facility is the Right Choice
UAE has various seasons, unlike Indonesia. When it comes to summer, especially when temperatures reach 40 degrees celsius, most UAE people are in their own homes. Likewise when there is winter. Therefore, when you choose an apartment, then choose one that provides a complete facility that will help you to solve the season change problem.

These are the tips on choosing apartments that match the climate and the culture of the UAE. Hopefully, this information can help you to choose an apartment that suits your needs and wants.

You Must Know The Young People's Businesses That are Mostly Conducted in Germany

You Must Know The Young People's Businesses That are Mostly Conducted in Germany

Germany is one of the leading countries. No wonder the German economy shows a positive movement. In addition, business competition in Germany is also competitive and fair. Because of this factor, there are so many young people that play role as the new business actors. If you want to know what business is conducted by young people in Germany, consider an explanation about young people's businesses that are mostly conducted in Germany, as follows.

1. Fast Food
One of the famous young people’s business is fast food like pizza, barbecue, and so on. In Germany, fast food is highly favored because it is simpler. No wonder many young people see this business opportunity. The business capital is also relatively small. But the demand for fast food is very much, this is what makes this business pretty good.

2. Place of Tutoring
Did you know that family heads in Germany like to include their children in place of tutoring? Yes, it is the factor that makes young people in Germany can create new business opportunities, which is a place of learning guidance. This course may vary, one of which is an English course. We know that most Germans do not speak English. However, they are already faced by the era of globalization that requires them to interact with the global language. Therefore, the place of learning guidance courses is needed.

3. Information Technology Services
Germany is known as a country whose society has a high level of education and has many graduates who have good skills. One of them in the field of Information Technology. No wonder if these graduates follow in the footsteps of their seniors who have succeeded in the Information Technology business. Especially now the need for information technology is very high. Therefore, information technology service business (eg website design, web development, wireless networking) is urgently needed.

4. The Repair of Computer Problems
Everyone knows that Germany is a country that has many Universities that excel in the field of engineering, including the field of computer engineering. The need for computers is very high, even computers have been considered to be a primary requirement. Therefore, it is what makes graduates of computer engineering create a business opportunity, namely the repair of computer problems.

These are young people's businesses that are mostly conducted in Germany. In fact, the businesses like that are also conducted in other countries, including Indonesia. However, young people in Indonesian need to learn more if they want to do businesses just like the young people in Germany, especially in technology. Hopefully, this information can improve your insight.

You Must Be Surprised by These 6 Unique Tourist Destinations in Japan

Japan does have a special attraction for many people who like to travel. Not infrequently, many people are willing to set aside their money to go to tourist attractions in Japan. If you also have plans to go to Japan in the course of the vacation, traveling, or sightseeing, you are required to visit the six unique tourist destinations in Japan.

1. Ryusendo Cave

6 Unique Tourist Destinations in Japan
Ryusendo Cave
This place is unique because it is one of the largest limestone caves in Japan. If you go to this cave, you will find eight underground lakes. The water is very clear. You will not be disappointed if visiting here as this is a unique place for many people.

2. Oya Stone Museum

6 Unique Tourist Destinations in Japan
Oya Stone Museum
If you visit the Oya Stone Museum, you will feel a sensation like the ruins in Egypt, although this place is actually an old stone mine in Japan. Not only that, the temperature in this cave can reach eight degrees Celsius. It is cool enough.

3. Aogashima Island

6 Unique Tourist Destinations in Japan
Aogashima Island
This island is unique because it is a remote island located 358 km in the Philippines sea. If you want to visit this place, you can use the air line for two hours trip, or can also use the sea lane by ferry.

4. Aoshima Cat Island

6 Unique Tourist Destinations in Japan
Aoshima Cat Island
Do you like cats? For those of you who love cats and want to feel and see the cat world, then you can visit Aoshima Cat Island. Why is it said cat island? If you go there, you will find more cats than humans on the island.

5. Takeda Castle

6 Unique Tourist Destinations in Japan
Takeda Castle
Takeda Castle is just another place that is worth to visit. Why is it unique? Yes, this castle was built in 1441 and has a height of 350 meters. Therefore, this castle is also referred to as the castle of the sky because it is seen floating in the sky and surrounded by clouds. Locals call it Machu Pichu from Japan.

6. Tsujunkyo Bridge

6 Unique Tourist Destinations in Japan
Tsujunkyo Bridge
This unique bridge is the largest rock drain in Japan. The height can reach 22 meters and 75 meters long. Government and local residents built this bridge in 1854. This development was done because at that time there was a shortage of water that hit this area. Now, this bridge works for the irrigation of 100 hectares of land.

These are the six unique tourist destinations in Japan. How? Do you feel interested to visit one of these tourist destinations? Or even want to visit all of them?